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New to the Mac

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New to the Mac

So you're new to the Mac, why does the Mac seem backwards? The navigation is different.

If you're comfortable with Windows, you let your eyes go to the lower-left corner to ‘Start’ (Or Windows icon).

The Mac has been designed to let your eyes drift the upper-left corner, like reading the title of a newspaper in North America…  Where am I?

Well, from the left there's always, Apple Menu, then the name of where I am, as the front-most application.

As the Mac turns on, And as you may login, you're faced with Finder… and the ‘consciousness’ of the computer, if you will.  It's always on.  

Finder is where you go to move your files around the Mac Desktop and the Documents folder.

Apple Menu first, applications that are ‘open’ second,  and an application’s File, Edit, View menu thereafter…

On a Mac... File, Edit, View, menus are always anchored in the upper-left corner.  You won't find menus on open documents or windows. Want a menu? One place to look. The upper-left corner. 

File > New Finder Window, shows you available folders on a Mac.

Select Applications, (think ‘Program Files’)… And you'll see local Mac capabilities...

Select the application, go to File menu Open… And you'll see the Calculator's File, Edit, View, menu

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