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Apple Menu Basics

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Apple Menu is like Window's Start menu, yet in the upper left corner.                

Apple Menu, Think Start menu.

About this Mac give you details of the hardware of the Mac computer itself.

System preferences allows the settings and adjustments to be made to the computer itself.  If you may be a Windows user, Think control panel.

The App Store provides the Mac's Operating System software updates, as well as software titles that may be purchased

Recent items, Reveals the top 10 applications documents and servers that have last been accessed

Force quit...  Helps you clear a program that has stalled. Think control alt delete.  Use sparingly. If you haven't saved a document, force quitting could loose data you otherwise intend to keep.  If you are frequently using Force quit, it indicates a problem.  Contact your tech support specialist.

It is advised to Save documents before you Select Sleep, Restart, Shutdown or Logoff.

Sleep, immediately darkens your screen, and may require password to get back into your Mac.

Restart, turns the computer off, then turns the computer back on

Shut down Computer off

and Log out, Quits all your applications and locks your screen, yet keeps the computer running


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