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Power-On Mac Laptop

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Powering-on your Mac Laptop. It's easy when you know how, not so much if you don't.  

Look down at your keyboard, the upper right corner, that circle with a line in the middle, that's your power button give that a tap, and your Mac should power up. If it doesn't, your laptop may be out of power. Attached the magnetic charging cable, if it doesn't light up, make sure it's plugged into a working outlet.  Again look at the power charging indicator, it momentarily turns green, and usually turns orange. Orange indicates the Mac's battery would be charging. When your Mac has a full charge, the light will stay green.
Power up your Mac with a press...
Log into your Mac, arrive on the desktop...
If you press the power button now, the Mac's screen darkens.  Wake it again, just briefly press the power button and depending on your Mac security settings, you may need to put in your password, to get back to your desktop.

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