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Stop Xfinity Sign In request

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Are you trying to Stop the ‘Sign In’ request for Xfinity Wi-Fi…?

These days, it’s common to see several Xfinity WiFi signal, in more densely populated areas, that's because Xfintiy is broadcasting WiFi signals from devices they installed at your neighbor’s homes and offices, and they are in range of your computer.

Sometimes your Mac, is mistaken, thinking that it is a preferred network, when it's not.

To change this on a Mac, Go to the Apple menu > system preferences > network >

Select Wi-Fi on the left, next to ‘Network Name’, Select your preferred home-office WiFi name…

Be sure ‘Ask to join new networks’, is off (this is unchecked)

Click ‘Advanced’  - under the Wi-Fi tab, remove Xfinity from the preferred networks list

Click OK… Apply…

if you're on a laptop and may actually use the Xfinity Wi-Fi networks outside of your home or office…
The Xfinity invitation may reappear…  

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