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Backup my Mac

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Backup my Mac

Hi everybody!  it’s David Sholty with

A common question I get is, “How do I back up my computer?”

Well, if you get over to the Apple store and pick up a drive that’s formatted for Mac, once you plug the drive in…  

What will happen: a dialog box will automatically show up on your Mac computer. 

It’ll ask you, hey, “Do you want to use this drive as a back up…?”

And It can be as simple as just saying, “Yes, Use this as my back up disk.”

And when you doTime Machine will automatically configure itself.

This software on the computer call Time Machine, not only can connect up to an external hard drive…

But I can also connect up to a Time Capsule… which is a wireless appliance which can reside on the inside of your home network…

And inside that wireless appliance is also a hard drive. 

It’s not plugged directly in your computer it’s on the Wi-Fi network. 

and Time Machine software that is located on the Mac computer…

Can actually point over to that Time Capsule and back up there.

In the case where you may go and buy a drive that is not formatted for Mac, you can use Apple‘s Disk Utility, and I can talk about that, under another title.

The benefits of using a Time Capsule over an external hard drive… Time Capsule may back-up many Macs over Wi-Fi, without a data connecting cable.

You have to plug-in an external hard drive to your Mac in order for Time Machine back up to the external hard drive. 

But if use a Time Capsule, Time Machine software backs up to the Time Capsule wirelessly. 

And that's kind of handy, if you don’t wanna plug-in a drive. 

Well right now Time Machine is counting down to perform its first back up…

Which may take some time on half an hours… 

But in a few seconds will take a look at what Time Machine has done.


So as we get a little bit farther along in time… We have let the computer back up for 24 hours.

And the way we can check to see if it may have backed up, is going up to the same icon that represents the Time Machine software that’s running locally on the Mac computer.

And you may go down to enter Time Machine… and in this case it presents to us the last several hours that have been backing up… 

And this will give you an idea, if you have files that have changed, that you can go back in-time, to even 4 o’clock this morning, if there been files on my Desktop, or added to the Desktop, then I would see files here…

If you ever delete a file by mistake, and find that you’ve emptied the Trash you can use Time Machine to go back in time, to find the file at the particular place.  And so that you may, Restore that file. 

And and then when I do it’ll bring that file, into the present.

Which is kind of a handy thing… And the fact that Apple gives this to you with the Apple operating system, is what I think… Is just brilliant..!

Everybody should use it! if you’ve got a Macintosh computer and your files are important to you; use Time Machine. Either to an external hard drive or to the Time Capsule… I don’t care. 

Just please do it!  It’ll save you a lot of headaches.

if you need a hand… look over our website, see what we also may be able to do for you… We’d be glad to help out.

David Sholty- MacPCtech.comHave a great day!

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