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Stop Mail from Auto-Filling

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Stop Mail from Auto-Filling

Auto-fill is difficult at times!  

It's on our iPhones, iPad's and other devices.

Auto Fill is trying to help us. 

Beyond Apple's Contacts, Apple's 'Mail' program, collects 'Previous Recipients' as you reply to an email -and- they are not kept in your official 'Contacts' list.

To stop 'Mail' from auto-typing email addresses, that appear as you begin typing...

In Mail, Go to Window... > Previous Recipients 

Then, find your entry... With 'long' list... Click 'search', type the name or email, Select it, then,  

Click Remove From List.

'Previous Recipients', is a convenience to help find people's email addresses, that you've not yet added, into your Contacts list.  

On the left-hand side there are icons, showing the Previous Recipients are in your 'Contacts'…

And you you may find email addresses that you want to add to your Contacts list, you may do it... with selection, and a click 

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