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First time login to Mac

First time login to Mac 1438 Views

First time login to Mac…?


Let’s take a quick look around the neighborhood…

You are greeted on the Dock with Finder, Siri,

Launch Pad, Safari Internet browser, Mail


Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Apple Maps, Photos, Messages, FaceTime, iTunes, iBooks, App Store, System Preferences…  a Downloads folder, and Trash.


Click on Finder, opens a Finder window, revealing you have no files.


A click on Applications, reveals more programs than you see in the Dock


To browse the Internet, Your Mac will need to be connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection…  Then click on Safari, to search for a webpage, and click to view it.


As you may plan to keep files on your Mac, you may want to click around the Finder to learn more.  


Generally speaking, You will want to save files only on your Desktop, your Documents, or in your Downloads, if the file is not Movies, Music, or Pictures.  Those go in other places.

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