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Set Color of Arriving Emails

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Set Color of Arriving Emails

It's common to want emails to stand out as they arrive in Apples mail program

From the Inbox, select a Sender’s email, you want colorized going forward. 

Go to Mail > Preferences > Rules > Add Rule

Type a description -   (Set mail from, to yellow)

And Read, ‘If any of the following conditions are met’ > ‘From’  - ‘Contains’  -

Perform the following actions:

 choose ‘Set Color - of Background’  - Yellow,  

click the PLUS (+) icon

 choose ‘Stop evaluating rules’…  Click OK

A dialog appears:

‘Do you want to apply your rules to messages in selected mailboxes?’

click Don’t Apply, as we only want messages from now on, to be colorized. 

To Apply Rules to all existing mail…

Start by clicking on the first message

hold-down the ‘Shift’ key

clicking on the last message.

Right-Click on the selected list, pop-up offers ‘Apply Rules’  select it.


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