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Setup Mail on macOS

Setup Mail on macOS 1331 Views

Setting up the mail on Apple’s Mac Computer, is straightforward… 

Click on the Mail icon…


Expectedly, you already have set up a Gmail account… by visiting… Create Account.


In Mail, choose ‘Google’, as the mail account provider… click continue


Enter your email address… click NEXT


Type your password, click NEXT


For now, select only the Mail app, to use with this account… Click DONE


Depending on how much Gmail you may have, and your Internet connection speed, all of your mail will eventually flow into your Mac computer’s Mail program.


View progress?  Go to Window > Activity


View Mailboxes..!  click Mailboxes


What do Icons mean…?  Go to the View menu > Customize Toolbar > Click the pop-up > Show icons and text > click done


Compose a New Message to Yourself, With subject and message… Click Send Icon.  Watch your Inbox for it’s arrival.


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