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Fixing a Printer Problem

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Fixing a printer problem

For printer that's been printing well… One simple solution for restoring a printer to 'working order' may only need steps to remove the printer… And then re-add it.

In the upper left corner, select Apple menu > System Preferences > printers and scanners

In the lower left, corner Click on the plus '+' icon to first see if the printer may bee visible to your Mac.

If it's not. Power off, then on your Printer.  Once the printer appears...

Close the 'Add' dialog, select the old instance of the Printer, click minus sign ('-')... 

Delete Printer then Click on the plus '+' icon, then 'Add'  the printer.  

Go to Finder > Applications > Text Edit > type 'Test document'.  

Upper left corner, File Menu > Print > expand options > click Print.   

Unless your printer is having paper, toner, ink or other issues your printer should print.

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