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Connect to a Wi-Fi network, Forget Another

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Connect to a Wi-Fi network, Forget Another

Now we're going to Connect to a Wi-Fi network, and avoid connecting to another…

Upper left-hand corner > Apple menu > System Preferences > network > select Wi-Fi > click the network pop up > select your preferred network.

if needed, Type the Wi-Fi password.  Join.

To remove an unwanted network name from your Mac computer's Wi-Fi settings...

Click Advanced...   Of the 'preferred networks' select the network name you would like to remove…

Click the minus icon... and remove the Wi-Fi network.   

Change the preferred order by dragging the preferred network into your preferred position.

Click OK -  Click  Apply.

And that does it…

Your Mac computer should now only Connect to the 'preferred networks'... And only if you 'Join' another network… Will your Mac add the 'other' network back into the  'preferred networks' list.

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